Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa, La Jolla, CA, June 11-13, 2017

Operationalizing Data Science to Create ROI

11 - 13 June 2017
Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa
Ja Jolla, CA (Near San Diego)
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What is Leverage Big Data 2017?

Leverage Big Data is an invitation-only, hosted summit designed for senior business and data technology professionals who want to understand how current and future Big Data technology trends will impact their business vision and strategies.  This summit will offer strategic-level insights into what enterprise leaders should do to harness Big Data technology solutions for maximum business value.

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Our Unique Format

Leverage Big Data brings together the IT elite and solution provider thought leaders for a unique 3-day summit aimed at exploring the panoply of Big Data phenomena and how businesses are leveraging these technologies to establish ROI for themselves and their customers. Leverage Big Data creates an intimate environment for in-depth discussion where you will learn how to tame the Wild West, extract more “Gold” and establish better ROI at the Big Data frontier.

This summit is more business-intensive than any other event focusing on Big Data. Every day is packed with plenary sessions, BOF boardroom sessions exploring case studies and approaches, as well as one-on-one sessions with solutions leaders to help you architect the right solutions. The Leverage Big Data summit brings community experts together to build a program that is business-intensive, actionable, and provides summit delegates with a truly rewarding experience.

The Leverage Big Data Experience…

Attending the Summit

Conference expenses are fully paid for qualified attendees, including flight, hotel, meals, and summit badge.

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Summit Format

Plenary Sessions

During the plenary session, summit delegates across a broad spectrum of industries will hear insights from subject matter practitioners who are using Big Data solutions to achieve returns. Presentations are tailored by conference chair, Datanami’s Managing Editor Alex Woodie, and by an advisory board engaged with the challenges and opportunities at this level of computing. The content is designed to provide the audience with in-depth information that addresses Big Data trends and opportunities facing today’s organizations all with the goal of taming the Big Data Frontier.

Board Room Solution Sessions

This second phase of the summit offers summit delegates with BOF boardroom sessions that put similarly profiled attendees into boardrooms that examine case studies in big data solutions by leading solutions providers, followed by open discussion. These engaging sessions encourage dialogue and create real engagement that helps with information sharing and networking.

1:1 Meetings

The most powerful part of the summit — the 1:1 meetings — puts users across the table with leading solution providers to discuss challenges and solutions. Executives will sit down for private round-robin discussions with pre-selected vendors who are able to help with their current challenges. These meetings are designed to create the opportunity to explore new possibilities and discover new solutions for solving Big Data challenges.

Networking and Entertainment

Hard work deserves reward, and Leverage Big Data offers multiple opportunities to unwind and build rapport with peers through exquisite dining, entertainment, and networking events. The event kicks off with an optional round of golf and each day consists of breakfast, lunch and breaks for continued networking opportunities.  Each day will conclude with a night full of networking and entertainment designed for delegate and sponsors to break bread, relax and get to know one another on a social level – creating a networking environment that is second to none.

Conference Themes

Taming the Wild West: Establishing ROI in the Big Data Frontier

Operationalizing Data Science

Big Data ROI – Creating Big Data Monetization Strategies

Governance and Processes – The Democratization of Data

Finding and Creating The Right Talent – The Data Scientist

Putting it all Together – Managing Big Data

Storage Strategies - Cloud, Disk, Flash and Even Tape

What’s Driving Big Data – Recording the Status of the World

The Rise of Real Time Analytics


Leverage Big Data '17 Advisory Board

Asif Alam

Global Business Director, Thomson Reuters

Kirk Borne

Prinicipal Data Scientist, Booz Allen

Peter Bakas

Director of Engineering, Cloud Platform Engineering, Netflix

Barbara Eckman

Principal Data Architect, Comcast

Jason Tokayer, Ph.D.

Principal Data Engineer, Capital One

Shane Corder

HPC System Engineer, KC Children's Mercy Hospital

Jem Pagan

CTO, Flatiron Strategies and Director of Technology Strategy, JNK Securities

Arno Kolster

Sr. Database Architect, Advanced Technologies Group, PayPal

LBD'16 Program

The Leverage Big Data’17 Program is still under development. Here is a look at the previous year’s agenda.
Day 1
05 Jun 2016
Day 2
06 Jun 2016
Day 3
07 Jun 2016

Conference Chair: Overview

Alex Woodie, Datanami Managing Editor, gives brief overview of the conference, its goals, and resources that attendees have for gaining additional insight into the complex and evolving world of Big Data.
Alex Woodie

Keynote Session: Operationalizing Big Data at Thomson Reuters – Building Value Through Data

Today’s enterprise gathers and stores all kinds of data in hopes of one day extracting the information necessary for the next big breakthrough. But any insights gleaned should not exist in a vacuum. To succeed in this big data world,...
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Asif Alam

Keynote Session: Data First Approach to Drive Real-Time Applications

Big Data Analytic opportunities in the industrial world and financial services organizations are expected to outpace consumer business cases. Time series data is growing exponentially as new machines around the world get connected.  Leading companies that are getting the most...
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Molly Rector

Conversation Starter: Rethink Big Data

Big Data has grown tremendously in the past few years. Interestingly, the Big Data term is typically tied with 3Vs as defined about 15 years ago, way before NoSQL, MapReduce, Hadoop, Storm or Spark ever started life. Obviously this kind...
Read More
Tony Shan

Welcome Reception & Dinner

A networking reception and dinner for all attendees designed to foster interaction among executives and build relationships. Sponsored by Cray

Networking Breakfast

Sponsored by: Phemi

Day 2 Kick Off

Alex Woodie

Keynote Session: State of the State – Real Time Data : How Netflix Built a 1T/day Stream Processing Cloud Platform (Keystone) in a Year

Creating efficiencies that maximize results, minimize costs, and increase returns is important in today’s business/data environment. As data volumes grow, as the time-to-insight window shrinks, and as technology continues to improve, many companies who wish to remain competitive will have...
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Peter Bakas

Keynote Session: Big Data, Digital Transformation and the Second Machine Age

Four technology trends have converged into the digital economy –  hyper connectivity, supercomputing, cloud computing, and advanced analytics.  In the next 10 years, 40% of the S&P 500 will no longer exist if they do not keep up with these...
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Matt Walsh

Case Study Presentations

25 minute case study sessions. Solution providers and their end user customers discuss challenges faced, strategy, implementation, outcome, and the future.

General Session Panel: Operationalizing Data Science – Strategies for Leveraging Big Data Opportunites

Moderator: Alex Woodie, Datanami Managing Editor, Conference Chair Panelists: Tassos Sarbanes, Data Architect, Credit Suisse; Vivek Sakhrani, Senior Consultant, CPCS Transcom Inc.; Sanjeev Kapoor, Senior Project Manager, Ford Motor Company; Radhika Subramanian, CEO, Emcien
Sanjeev Kapoor
Vivek Sakhrani
Tassos Sarbanes
Alex Woodie

Networking Lunch

Sponsored by: Caringo

Case Study Presentations

25 minute case study sessions. Solution providers and their end user customers discuss challenges faced, strategy, implementation, outcome, and the future.

Reception & Dinner

Sponsored by: ScaleMatrix

Networking Breakfast

Sponsored by: DataFission

Day 3 Kick Off

Alex Woodie

Keynote Session: Data Integration and Governance for Big Data with Apache Avro

Big Data solutions like NoSQL databases and data lakes make it easy for anyone to contribute data to the enterprise data store.  Integrating previously siloed data streams with other sources across the enterprise makes it possible to uncover otherwise hidden...
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Barbara Eckman

General Session Panel: Understanding Storage Strategies – Striking the Right Balance between the Technology and Economics of Big Data

Moderator: Alex Woodie, Datanami Managing Editor, Conference Chair Panelists: Vishnu Alavur Kannan, Application Architecture Lead, Monsanto; Peter Bakas, Director of Engineering, Cloud Platform Engineering, Netflix; Shane Corder, HPC System Engineer, KC Children’s Mercy Hospital; Tony Shan, Chief IoTologist, WiPro
Shane Corder
Vishnu Alavur Kannan
Peter Bakas
Tony Shan
Alex Woodie

Case Study Presentations

25 minute case study sessions. Solution providers and their end user customers discuss challenges faced, strategy, implementation, outcome, and the future.

Closing Keynote: Fully-integrated Data-as-a-Service for the Enterprise

Let’s face it. Big data problems are hard. Nowadays, development teams and data engineers face significant challenges with managing and integrating the ever-growing amount of data collected by organizations from a variety of data sources. As a delivery lead for...
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Jason Tokayer, Ph.D.

Networking Lunch

Sponsored by: Birst

Awards Dinner Celebration & Entertainment

Leverage BIGDATA’16 reception & dinner with awards presentation followed by entertainment

The Destination


Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa
9700 N Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037

Conference expenses are fully paid for qualified attendees, including flight, hotel, meals, and summit badge. 


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